GIORDON Car Remote Starter

Ranked #9 in Subaru Remote Car Starters.

Car Remote Start PKE Passive Keyless Entry One Key Engine Start for Car Remote Key or Phone Control


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Editor's Review of the GIORDON Car Remote Starter

This product is a great car remote start. We like that it's very easy to install and that it can be used with a wide variety of cars. This product isn't the most durable or high-quality, but it's an excellent value. If you're looking for a car remote start at a low price, this is a great choice.

  • Remote Engine Start Pre-warm or Pre-cool your car
  • One Key Start Build-in Lock Step on foot brake
  • PKE Passive Keyless Entry Especially For Upgrading Old Models
  • Difference: Key with PKE Function the key has PKE
  • Easy to install yourself with the easy-to-follow manual included with the

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the GIORDON Car Remote Start have a remote engine start?

Yes, the GIORDON Car Remote Start has a remote engine start.

Is the GIORDON Car Remote Start One Key Start?

Yes, the GIORDON Car Remote Start is One Key Start.

What is the part number for the PKE Passive Keyless Entry Especially For Upgrading Old Models?

The part number for the PKE Passive Keyless Entry Especially For Upgrading Old Models is ITW-GIORDON.

What is the difference between the GIORDON Car Remote Start with PKE Function and the GIORDON Car Remote Start without PKE Function?

The GIORDON Car Remote Start with PKE Function key has a PKE function.

How easy is the GIORDON Car Remote Start to install?

The GIORDON Car Remote Start is very easy to install.

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start-up mode. long press the button of the remote key for 4s then engine start, and the central locking system still in locked state. The engine will be on for 10 mins. 2.Push start stop engine press the footbrake and press start or stop button to turn on car engine or turn off the car engine when you press start button

ADD:25th East Tongxing Rd.,Dongsheng Town,Zhongshan,Guangdong,China.528414 CODE:528400 TEL:0760-22228786 E-MAIL: [email protected]

Hi nightShade, Giordon alarm system has triple relay for remote start use. You can see the wire (yellow,brown,blue) and one white socket (3pin) connect to alarm system in this relay assembly. These wire have (-) Output when remote start. So bypass module system ground wire connect to this "brown" wire.

The GIORDON Car Remote for Toyota Tacoma has remote start functionality and passive keyless entry. You can even use the remote key to start the engine from outside the car or keep the air...

main functions: 1.lock 2.unlock 3.trunk release searching 5.window close keyless entry instruction the app after the alarm is installed 2.there is a learning code button option in the settings of the app 3.after clicking the learning code button, the unlock and lock button on the remote control at the same time …

Eighth on this list is the Avital 4105L 1-Way Remote Start System for the GMC Sierra. This remote start kit includes two 4-button remotes with up to one-and-a-half-mile range with lock, unlock, trunk release, and remote start functionality. It also adds a layer of protection against “hot-wiring” by car thieves. Available here. 7.

Start your car with the Autostart 2-Way LCD Remote Start System. View Details ProStart 2-Button Remote Starter (42) 4.0 out of 5 stars. 42 reviews. ProStart 2-Button Remote Starter allows you to start your vehicle from inside your house, by heating it in the winter and cooling it in the summer. View Details Code Alarm 4-Button 1-Way Transmitter Remote Control, 2-pk (3) 4.0 out of 5 stars. 3 ...

Remote car starters cannot be installed on soft top or convertible vehicles with manual transmissions. Did you know that a convertible vehicle has a bigger risk of moving on its own if a gear is activated by accident and a remote starter is used? For these reasons, we choose safety and do not install remote starters in soft top or open-top vehicles. 1 Not compatible with certain vehicles. 2 ...

【Important】Without this step, you can't use remote start function【Auto Car】 When the car in start-up state, put the car gear in”P” or “N” position and pull up hand-brake on, press the start button for 2 , the led inside transmitter will flash slowlyWhen you get off the car, to shut down the engine and lock the car, then remote start function is actived.【Mantal Car】Step on ...

Simple giordon car alarm system PKE keyless entry remote starter Check-Check/ Set 1 Set (Min. Order) CN Guangdong LFF Technology Co., Ltd. 18 YRS 4.6 ( 66) Contact Supplier 1 / 6 Car Alarm PKE Remote Start For Car Push Button Remote Controller 12v Car Keyless Entry One-Button Push Engine Starter Check-Check/ Piece 5 Pieces (Min. Order)

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