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Cricket Samsung Galaxy A02s 32GB


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Alcatel GO FLIP 4044V Unlocked Phone


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Alcatel 5044C Verso 4G LTE 16GB 5.0" Android Cricket Smartphone, Black

Alcatel 5044C Verso 4G LTE Android Cricket Smartphone Our Score: 0% - Warning

I bought this phone on the Cricket website and received it. It was defective and could not be activated. I returned it to the Cricket store where I bought it and they told me they could not take it back because it was refurbished. I had to get a refund through my credit card company, which took weeks to complete. The company refused to return my money or send me a new phone. They stated that since it was refurbished they could not take it back. This is not what the website says. I am very disappointed with the service I received from this company and will never purchase from them again.

  • Refurbished by manufacturer frontrunner
Cricket Samsung Galaxy A02s, 32GB, Black - 4G LTE 6.5" Android Prepaid Smartphone - Carrier Locked to Cricket

Cricket Samsung Galaxy A02s 32GB Our Score: 83% - Recommended

Cricket Samsung Galaxy A02s Cricket is everything you need to keep in touch with the people who matter most. It's a great way to stay connected, plus a long-lasting battery gives you the power to stay unplugged. Capture the moment with the 5.6" edge-to-edge display, then use your camera to take photos, record video and more. The Cricket Samsung Galaxy A02s Cricket has a stunning 6.5" edge-to-edge display that lets you watch your favorite shows, play games and read emails in HD. The phone is powered by a long-lasting battery that keeps

  • Cricket network only Does not work on AT T T-Mobile
  • Power that lasts and lasts We ve outfitted Galaxy A02
  • 6 5 edge-to-edge display
  • Screen Resolution: 1600 x 720
Alcatel GO FLIP 4044V (Verizon Unlocked) (Renewed), Black

Alcatel GO FLIP 4044V Unlocked Phone Our Score: 70% - Satisfactory

The Alcatel GO FLIP 4044V is a lightweight, easy to use cell phone that is pre-loaded with the ability to use a wide variety of apps. This phone is also a touch screen phone, so you can swipe your fingers across the screen to move from app to app, or to type out messages or emails. The display screen on this phone is 2.4 inches, and there is even a feature that allows you to take pictures and then send them as text messages. The phone also comes with a slide out QWERTY keyboard, so you don't have to worry about typing out emails or text

  • Inspected and guaranteed to have no or minimal cosmetic damage which is not
  • The product has been tested and verified by the manufacturer to ensure that it meets
  • No assembly required
  • Compatible with Verizon landline phones and Verizon FIOS digital voice service
  • Micro USB connector
Alcatel Go Flip V 4044V Verizon Flip Phone - Black

Alcatel Go Flip V 4044V Verizon Flip Phone Our Score: 68% - Caution

The Alcatel Go Flip V 4044V is a small, but functional phone. It can easily fit in your pocket, and is comfortable to hold. The screen is bright and clear, and the touch response is fairly quick. The touch buttons are also fairly responsive, though they do have a tendency to sometimes get stuck. Overall, this is a great phone for people who want something simple, but still fairly functional.

  • Display: 2 8 inches TN TFT Resolution: 240 x 320
  • Memory: ROM RAM: 8GB ROM 1GB RAM SD Support
  • 2 MP camera; 720p 30fps; Video 720p
  • Smartphone Android 4 4 or above iOS 8 0 or above
  • Battery: removable
Alcatel LINKZONE | Mobile WiFi Hotspot | 4G LTE Router MW41TM | Up to 150Mbps Download Speed | WiFi Connect Up to 15 Devices | Create A WLAN Anywhere | GSM Unlocked

Alcatel LINKZONE Mobile WiFi Hotspot Our Score: 63% - Caution

We bought this product a few months ago and we are extremely satisfied with the product. We are able to connect up to 10 devices at a time and it has a very long battery life (about 10 hours). The WiFi is strong enough to stream videos for everyone in the car. I would highly recommend this product. It's a great deal for the price. If you are looking for a hotspot, we would recommend this one. We were not paid to write this review, just simply sharing our experience with the product. We did receive the product at a discounted price in exchange for our honest opinion.

  • Yes it does
  • Compatible with all US Carriers Not compatible with Sprint or Verizon
  • Portable hotspot and long battery life
  • Fast charging low price
  • Compatible with GSM carriers and SIM cards the kinds that Use SIM Cards
Alcatel GO FLIP V 4051S Verizon 4G LTE (Renewed)

Alcatel GO FLIP V 4051S Verizon 4G LTE FLip Phone Our Score: 63% - Caution

The Alcatel GO FLIP V 4051S is a sturdy phone that can be a great first phone for a teenager. We like the fact that the phone has a dual-screen feature that allows you to switch between a camera and a phone with ease. The battery life is also quite impressive, as it can last up to 12 hours of talk time and 5 hours of video playtime. The phone can be great for anyone who wants a basic smartphone.

  • 4G LTE speeds for excellent call quality on the go
  • Backlit keys camera button nearby
  • Great for reading emails text messages or phone numbers checking your calendar
  • Verizon phone so you can always rely on the network
  • Compact and durable design for protection
Alcatel 3C 5026D 6.0" 3G Dual Sim Octa-Core 16Gb + 1GB RAM 13Mp + 8Mp Dual Led Factory Unlocked Smartphone (Black)

Alcatel 3C 5026D 6.0" Octa-Core Smartphone Our Score: 61% - Caution

Alcatel 3C 5026D 6.0-inch 4G LTE Smartphone is a beautiful and powerful phone that you can use as your daily driver. It has a great 18:9 ratio display that's great for watching videos and browsing the web. This phone is perfect for those who want a smaller form factor without sacrificing performance. It has a clean and fast Android 7.1 Nougat interface. This phone is perfect for those who want a smaller form factor without sacrificing performance.

  • 18:9 ratio HD 1440 x 720 pixels 6 0
  • Quad-core 1 3 GHz Cortex-A7 processor 1 GB
  • Geotagging touch focus face detection HDR panorama
  • Non-removable Li-Ion 3100 mAh battery
  • Fingerprint rear-mounted accelerometer proximity - accelerator
Alcatel LINKZONE Mobile 4G LTE WiFi Hotspot (US + Global 4G LTE) w/iOS & Android App, GSM Unlocked Upto 150mbps, Up to 15 Users MW41NF-2AOFUS2 (AT&T, T-Mobile, Metro, Cricket)

Alcatel LINKZONE Mobile 4G LTE WiFi Hotspot Our Score: 59% - Warning

Alcatel LINKZONE MW41NF- is a good quality mobile phone that is packed with lots of features. It's easy to use and has a sleek design. The camera on this phone is outstanding, and the sound quality for calls is excellent. The screen is very clear and easy to read, even in bright sunlight. If you're looking for a phone that has all the basics you need, this phone is definitely worth considering.

  • GSM: 850 900 1800 1900MHz UMTS:
  • Micro USB cable can be used for other devices so you can charge it
  • 1 Year Warranty from Manufacturer In addition to the Yeti Blue
  • 4G LTE 1800 mAh battery 6 hours working time 300
  • 8GB memory storage and 2 4GHz Wi-Fi connectivity for smooth
Alcatel 1V (2020) Smartphone 5001J Factory Unlocked Fingerprint Sensor Octa-Core Android Pie Dual SIM 16 GB + 2 GB 13MP 4G LTE GSM T-Mobile AT&T TracFone Simple Mobile Global Ready Works Worldwide

Alcatel 1V 5001J Factory Smartphone Our Score: 54% - Warning

The Android One Moto X is a great choice for people who want a high-quality phone without all the extra features and software that add bulk and complexity. The Android One Moto X comes with only the essential features to make it a good phone without any extra bells and whistles. The Moto X from Motorola, which has already been reviewed here at TalkAndroid, is a great phone and we would recommend it to anyone looking for a great phone at a great price. The Alcatel 1V (2020) is a great phone that comes with some pretty decent specs. The only real downside is that this phone does not

  • A perfect balance of wide views and pocketable size
  • S-LTE 5G network compatible with the most US networks available
  • Fingerprint sensor for fast secure access The Android One Moto X
  • Unlocked 4G LTE GSM worldwide connectivity Any carrier any country
  • Google Assistant Button for one-touch access to Google s smarts